Around the Lake

I ran 1 hour and 15 minutes in the heat. I should have been able to make it 7 miles in that time, but I barely made it 6.

It's all in the planning. My alarm went off at 4:10 for me to get dressed and run my 75 minutes. I decided to go back to sleep instead. When I finally got up, I managed to throw my running clothes and shoes into a bag and take them with me to work.

My plan was to hit the gym after work. I was asked to put in a lake list for the OC Tri Club. Okay, I can run around the lake, it has hills. So I go.

I'm still bummed that my pace is closer to 12:30 min/mile with the heat and the hills. I worked so hard to get that 10ish min/mile pace. I realize that was achieved all on flat road, and hills slow you down, but I still expect my pace to be the same.

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