Schedule Change

It's times like these when I realize I'm not a "true" athlete. I don't tend to push past the pain. I don't tend to talk myself out of a DOR or try and convince myself to go to that 5:30 am spin class or just to the frakking gym in the morning. I'm putting together a plan to get over these things (Step 1: stop complaining. Step 2: toss any excuses. Step 3: get of your ass and train.)

One thing I haven't been able to force myself through is heat. My plan today was to ride Santiago Canyon at 4pm. I checked Accuweather.com before I left work. It was 86 degrees with a Real Feel of 96. Um, no thanks.

I went for a 45 minute skills and drills pool swimming instead. I figure, at least I did something, right? I was focusing on my gliding. I knew (it was empirically proven by me to myself) that a faster arm turn over doesn't equal faster speed, so I focused on slowing down my stroke, reaching as far as I can and flicking my wrist at the end of the stroke.

I think I made progress on a mind-body connection. I "know" how the whole stroke feels. It's a base to build my future swimming successes.


AKA Alice said...

Oh, I don't think not running in 96 degree heat makes you "not an athlete," but it does make you a smart one!

Julia said...

You got a workout in. A good choice IMHO.

When I see people teetering on the edge of heat stroke while they're out running, I never say 'oh, now that's an athlete'. I usually say 'what a moron for running in this heat'.

Kelly said...

lmao - I have to agree with Julia! I would never say that you arent a real athlete...you are real smart, woman!

Good job on working on your swim skills.