Gym Brick

Today is a(n unplanned) DOR and Friday is a (planned) DOR, so I'll be doubling up sometime in the next 4 days to get all the training in. Maybe I'll do something Friday morning to get all the training in. Because I didn't do anything today, I thought I'd recap yesterday's brick.

I was planning on doing an easy 4 miles but decided to do my 60 min bike - 30 min run instead. What I can say is, it was a pretty good workout. What I can't say is that I pushed myself as hard as I could on the stationary bike as I would have on a real bike outside. Maybe that's a good thing. It is recovery week after all.

The run was a run on a treadmill. Not unpleasant, but not the way I'd like to spend my runs.

Here are some of my observations from the gym:
Some people go to the gym to be looked at. (I will never understand this.)

Some people like to run faster than they can on the dreadmill. The guy next to me was running at 6.0 (~10 min/mile right?) and every once in a while he'd grab on to the handrails. And by every once in a while, I mean once every 2-3 minutes. Why don't you just run your comfortable pace. Or if you're trying to push yourself, a little faster than your comfort pace? You don't impress me if you grab the handrails. You'd make me laugh if you ate belt because you wanted to run faster than you can.

Some people still don't wipe off their equipment. Ick.

I really like training outside.


Lori said...

I laugh because your "Rest" week is more activity than I do during an "On" week for me.

Ick on the sweaty equipment. At least you had entertainment while running.

That guy had be a little amusing.

Hope you can get back outside soon.

AKA Alice said...

I love the irony of how I am usually looking at people at the gym, but probably not for the reasons they want (the guy's potential for eating belt for example).

Thanks for reminding me why I quit my gym membership. I'd rather exercise outdoors to (or at least run on my dread in private).

Starunner said...

You really are my hero.

Tammy said...

I hate gyms that don't have towels readily available- this totally takes away any excuse for not wiping the equipment when you're done.

I had an ex who wore glasses and would flex and looked at his bicep every time he pushed them up on his nose. You just made me think of him with the whole, "Some people just go to the gym to be looked at" thing...