Trail Race

When I signed up for this race, I didn't know it had so many hills. 2 of which are affectionately called "The Devil's Crotch". Nice.

I signed up for 2 of these Peter's Canyon Trail Runs. I only made this one, but now I'm sad that I didn't at least stop by and pick up my goody bag. The other run I signed up for was the Thursday before I left for Boston and it didn't work out, what with me rushing around to pack that same afternoon.

I left my Garmin at home, on accident of course, so I tried to find people who's pace seemed comfortable and stick with them. Even though there were more hills than I've run 5 miles on in the past, I kept a pretty good pace.

Women's: 122
Over All: 275
Total Time: 59:39
Pace: 11:56
The weather was a little less hot than when I've run my hilly 5 milers in the past, since we started at 6:15ish. But it was dusty. I took a couple hits off my rescue inhaler before the race started because of all the dust and what I thought was perfect conditions for an asthma attack.

I did wheeze a lot, but nothing came of it. I walked up at least 3 hills and walked down that many because they were steep both ways.

The first hump of Devil's Crotch left me feeling defeated when I started walking. Then I realized no one was running up it. NOT ONE PERSON. That made me feel better.

I think I'll come back to this trail. It'll be great to see if I can ever run all of Devil's Crotch. That would be a beautimous accomplishment.

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