Labor Day Weekend

I've been busy. Reading, training, shopping, watching college football, going to a wedding, walking the dogs, lounging around, playing on facebook. It's been a good weekend. Now comes the unfun stuff. Cleaning the kitchen and grocery shopping.

Here are some training notes. Rode the Pacific Coast bike course and ran the run course. I did the whole bike course (2 loops) and ran the run course twice. I'm training for an Olympic Distance you know. And 2 is better than 1 anytime, right? Well, maybe not ANY time...

I still haven't swam. Some mornings I wake up and my shoulder feels better, only to hurt later in the day. I'm still doing Pac Coast. I paid for it and it's still a week away.

Sunday morning I left my house about 6:30 am and rode Santiago Canyon. I feel better about it every time I do it. It took me about 2 hours and 20 minutes to ride 30 miles, although the last 2 were a cool down around my flat neighborhood. I'm getting stronger on the bike and now I'm working on enjoying my time on it. As anyone will tell you, the bike is the longest leg of a triathlon. Well distance-wise anyway. Time-wise depends on your skill at swimming and running, I guess.

I'm off to read a bit more and watch some more football before I decide the weekend is finally over and I head on down to the grocery store. Fun times

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AKA Alice said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend (well..excpet for the cleaning and grocery shopping part...I hate that too).