Chocolate Milk

I've used chocolate milk as my recovery drink for the past 7 training sessions and I've come up with a few tips. Well, really just 3.

1. Your chocolate milk should be cold.
2. You should be cooled down before you consume the chocolate milk.
3. Your stomach should be settled before you drink any milk.

I bought my chocolate milk in individual 8 oz servings. They weren't stored in the refrigerator section. I was wary at first, but since it was there with the soy milk and all other non-dairy dairy replacement drinks, I bought it.

I used the milk that same day, not thinking to refrigerate it first. It still was yummy, if not a bit odd, to be drinking warm chocolate milk after a workout.
The second time I made the mistake of forcing the milk down while I was still trying to cool down. It made me gag. I don't blame this on the milk, as anything other than water after a hard workout would make me gag, too. Probably because my stomach isn't quite settled as well as my body is a bit overheated. Maybe tips 2 and 3 are the same thing.
Enough about milk. I'm sitting here at my computer, going through my tri packing list in my head, trying to figure out if I've forgotten anything. I hope not. It's a bit late now as I'm getting ready to go to bed, looking forward to waking up at 3:30 am to meet up with Jillian at 4:30 am.

Why do I do this again?

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Viv said...

I am in love with the Hammer Recoverite after a super hard effort. I am really bad of not being ablet to eat for about 3-5 hours after a super hard race pace effort. It goes down easy. Even though that choc milk is tasty!!