The Week In Review

I know I've been absent this week. You frantically click on my blog and there is nothing new. I'm sorry about that. It's been a blah sort of week. It was, and still is for me, peak week for Olympic Tri training. It went kinda bad for me, so it's great that I get to repeat it! (if you can't hear the sarcasm as you read this, you obviously don't know me very well)

I did most of my Peak Week workout, save the biking. Monday was an hour long swim in which I completed 16-18 laps at Lake Mission Viejo. I think it was closer to 16. The lifeguards told me the distance was 88 yards per lap. This bummed me out. It meant that I didn't swim a mile in an hour. How is this possible? It isn't. On Saturday I walked the distance with my Garmin, twice. It was 377 feet. That's ~125 yards peeps. This made me feel better about completing the swim in a good for me time.

Wednesday was a run. I'm still suffering from my ill advised run with no shoes. It was supposed to be a 4 mile run with strides every 1/2 mile. I made it about 3 when I could no longer fool myself. I was not running, I was limping very fast. My left ankle, which was my good ankle, is no longer good. I have an appt with my chiropractor later this week. I'm hoping I'll get all fixed up.

Thursday I tried to give blood and failed. I still scored the Double Tree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookies, though. The technician putting in the needle ended up hitting the artery wrong and I was bleeding slow, too slow. This was because I was already forming a bruise. They got about 1/4-1/2 the amount needed. I also found out that they can only poke you once. No switching arms for them. I still need to wait the 56 days to give blood again, though. I decided to ask my nurse friends about doing my 1.5 hour hill repeats followed by a 30 minute that was on my schedule that night. I didn't just get a no, I got a hell no and if I see you out there I will grab you by the ear and take you home no. So one missed bike ride. That's ok, I have Santiago scheduled for Saturday, I'll just run after that.

Friday was a swim, but Jeremy was home when I got home. No swim for me when I can hang out with my husband I barely get to see.

Saturday my alarm went off and my body said no. I got up started to get ready, then decided not to question my body. I had gone against it before, and ended up not running for a month and a half.

Sunday was a mile swim (done in under 45 minutes) then a run following the OC International run course. My left ankle was screaming at me for the first mile or so, then it relaxed and felt better. Then my right knee/leg started to hurt. I knew then I was doing my fast limp again. I finished most of the course, crossing the street near the finish, instead of running the last mile. It's crazy, you'll see the finish line 3 times before you cross it at this particular triathlon, once on the bike and twice on the run. It finishes at the finish line for the 1984 Olympic Cycling race.

I'm so going to do this race next year.

Thanks for reading my boring week in review. I'll have something wittier to say tomorrow.

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Viv said...

LOL at the Doubletree cookies. Girl sometimes I plan my hotel around that shit. I am so excited we will both be racing on the 5th.

Now stay strong on thos OLY I am not going to sugar coat it for you. It is a tough distance no fudging our way through like the sprints. But, you got this you have been training hard. I will give you two pieces of advice that I carried from friends and coaches that stuck with me....The swim is no place to make up time on this race unless your Phelps...First OLY just finish finish finish.