Not So Peak Week

So I'm repeating peak week again. I'm pretty sure I told you all that. It's not like I actually completed all of Peak Week last week, so it's really not a repeat. It's more like Peak Fortnight, really.

The only problem is, I'm not really peaking. There are some medical issues, such as me trying to give too much blood then want to train that same day and some phantom elevated liver enzymes. Well, the elevated part is real, it's the why that's phantom. Also, there was a birthday to celebrate and participation in a tri relay. So between my social obligations and my health obligations, I've kinda put training on the back burner. Not really the back burner, as I'm thinking about how to schedule it almost everyday, but maybe the left burner. It's the second one fill when I'm cooking.

I've completed every training session that we had scheduled, just over 14 days instead of 7. I figure it should still count. I figure when they keep taking your blood, for donations and tests, then you're allowed some slack in your schedule. Some WiiFit and Yoga days.

I'll have a race report for the See Jane Tri relay tomorrow. I'll leave you with this thought, my mom is hardcore. I love her and respect her, but after what she showed me this weekend, she's been elevated to Uber Super Person status.

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Tammy said...

I like that- it's on the left burner...

I think you're entitled to take 14 days for your peak.