I'm not swimming, you all know that. Sunday will be my first swim in 2 weeks and I'm hoping my right shoulder will cooperate. Yesterday night was swimming at Corona del Mar with an optional long run afterwards. I went to do the run and decided to add another mile onto the 7 mile run, because why not? I'm not swimming and I wanted to see if I'd lost my 1/2 marathon base.

I believe I have. Maybe I haven't. I did complete the whole 8 miles, with a bit of a detour as I missed the turn off for a ramp down to the beach and had to take these rickety looking (but probably stable but made to look rickety for ambiance at the crystal cove cottages) stairs, which I used as an excuse to walk and eat a clif shot, and a short run on the beach.

Really what I did was the run course for Sunday's tri backwards and starting from about 2.5 miles away. I consumed, because "ate" doesn't accurately describe the action, 2 clif shots on my 90 minute run. I needed another one, I think.

I'm excited to train for another 1/2 marathon. I like the distance. It's comfy.

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Tammy said...

Train? For a Half?

What a novel idea! One of these times, I'll have to try it.

Good luck this weekend, Yas!!