Impersonating a Marine

On Saturday I got to run through the old El Toro Marine base. Home of the Knightriders and the movie B.R.A.T Patrol, a movie I LOVED growing up.

I ended up setting a new PR (30:20) which was dwarfed by the fact that I was A) running on an old airfield run by the Marine Corps, and B) ran by an F-18 Hornet Simulator Building.

B almost made me cry, well it almost made me whoop with giddiness. I worked on the F-18 program, building what my husband lovingly referred to as the ass end of the fighter, in my first year out of college. It was on that program I learned there was more to fasteners than nails, screws, nuts and bolts and what happens when you work with great people. You can endure almost any situation. I also learned that I need to dress up even if everyone around me is in jeans. I'm short and so much younger than everyone I worked with (by at least 20 years) that they all thought I was a high school intern. Back to the race.

It was flat and curvy loop. It was put on by a local football program as a benefit to a childhood cancer charity. All the football players lined up in front of me at the start line (the start line was pretty big, an airfield big almost). Then we were off and I passed them. Yes I realize these are high school tackles and defensive backs, but still. I think they didn't want to be last.

The rest of my day was relatively fun. We finally got our iPhones. Yes we stood in line for hours, but I also got to see Carson Palmer, who I knew* in college. (*knew meaning I said hi to him in passing or when the players came to band practice, etc. I'm not claiming to ever have been part of his posse) He stopped by to see if it was the line for the iPhone. Um, yes, but at least you picked the right product. Some other lady asked if we were waiting for the iMac...

Then we saw The Dark Knight. Great, but a bit disturbing. The Joker was very different from Jack Nicholson's Joker. Much darker and more crazy. I give it 2 thumbs up. Of course it does have my huge crush, Christian Bale in it. So it gets 5 stars, too.


Viv said...

Congratulations on that smokin PR!

Kelly said...

Awesome time!!!