Hilly HOT 5 miles

Today's training session called for a 5 mile run at "race pace". I decided I'd run on the trail around my development, but this time actually run the hills instead of taking a detour on the street to keep the path flat.

My "race pace", which is about 10 min/mile (woot I made a goal!) on a flat course, ends up being closer to a 12 min/mile with the hills. Add heat and add another 30 seconds on to that mile.

I was uber bummed. I tried to keep myself at 10:30 min/mile, and was sucessful for the first mile and a bit. The heat killed me, as did the hills. I think I've been hiding in the gym too much this summer. I haven't "acclimated" to the heat. I still question the sky whilst on these hot runs. I mean, isn't it supposed to be in the 70's and sunny with a bit of a breeze at all times in Southern Cali? If not, then they really need to update the brochure.

And yes, I know I make that comment (70's and sunny) whenever the weather isn't. I don't think I really noticed the weather "changes" before I started to training outside.

Yesterday we swam at the lake. I am still lake itch free. It was a 1000 yard time trial I did it in 30:56. I'm kinda bummed. But we weren't wearing our wetsuits. I realize that probably makes me a wimp, me wanting to use my wetsuit at all times. Apparently the water was too warm. USAT rules state that wearing a wetsuit is prohibited in water over 84 degrees F. The people doing the Orange County International will be swimming in that lake in September. It could be that warm, well close to it, in September.

However I'm doing Bonelli, or will be when I sign up for it. I'm hoping the water will be colder there. I'm not sure I'll survive a mile in open water without my wetsuit.


AKA Alice said...

Hi Yas! Delurking to say that I'm with you on the indoor running/outdoor running thing. I've been doing too much of the former (indoor) thing. I'm also in So. Cal and every time I've run outdoors in the last month or so, I've paid for it. Sadness.

It'll be October and "normal" again soon (won't it?)

Yasmin said...

I hope so. I have 6 miles on my plan this week and I'm not sure when I'll get to do them outside!

I think I'm stuck on the treadmill for 65 minutes. Booo