The 4th and Recommitment

My fourth was great. I volunteered at a 5K/10K race, cycled there to get some saddle time and hills in, and ate breakfast at Ruby's. Turkey sausage skillet with eggbeaters and an english muffin. It came with potatoes and I pretty much ate everything.

Around 3ish we went over to my Brother and Sister in Laws. Didn't do to badly over there, but I did have salt and pepper chips for the first time. Not so sure I like them, but I did sample them a lot to make up my mind. A beer, mimosa and glass of wine later, a long with 2 95% FF Hebrew Nationals, I decided to recommit. Starting Sunday.

So my blog will take a different turn for about a week (well from Sunday to Thursday or Friday this week and all next week, after next Sunday that is). I'll be following WW kickstart program, posting what I ate, my APs and how I felt it went. I'll be following the Core plan. The reason I'm doing Sunday through Thursday/Friday, then Monday through Saturday is because I'm going away this weekend.

Beantown peeps look out! Yas and crew are in town to celebrate new beginnings. One of my friends is getting married, so we're doing her bachelorette party out there whilst visiting a friend who quit her job here and went back to school in Mass.

I'm very excited and a tour of the Sam Adams brewery is on tap (pun intended) so Saturday may not be very OP, but hopefully I'll have saved most of my WPA for it.

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Viv said...

Good luck with the WW kickoff! WTG get in a ride while volunteering...