Happy Endings

By All-American Rejects was playing at the end of my run. I thought it was perfect because, although I was happy to be done, I really liked my run.

I'm back to tri training, Olympic Distance this time. Today was 45 minutes LSD (Long Slow Distance) with 1 minute Strides (speed up for 30 seconds to all out for 30 seconds) then 30 seconds (which lead to 45 seconds then 1 minute) walking recovery. I ran for 5 minutes than did my stride, rinse and repeat. Although those sprints were really challenging, especially at the end of the run, when I was making bargains with myself to push the sprint, I'm glad I did it. How else will I get faster, I only have so much weight left to lose.

I also was thinking this is how it's going to feel on Sunday, after the swim and the bike when I was finishing the Solana Beach Triathlon. Please don't tell me about the sharks. I know a triathlete was attacked by a shark there and he ended up dying. I realize there is a risk. I've dealt with it and would appreciate not having my fragile mental state about this swim (my first ocean swim race) shattered. :)

So here is what I did this week, Monday ~30 min pool swim, Tuesday- nuthin', Wednesday - Indoor Brick (30 min stationary bike, 30 min dreadmill) and a 26 min ocean swim and today's run. Tomorrow is bike, working on gearing. I'm thinking on going to a spin class and completely ignoring the instructor. Sorry Sam and Viv!


Carly said...

OMG....ocean swims? I freak out when a piece of sea weed touches my foot. I can't imagine worrying about sharks!!!!

Nice job on the training!

Viv said...

Good luck this weekend! Don't even think about the sharks. Stay close to the swimmers so it will get them. Shiz I will thorow somebody under the bus if it's me or them and a shark. anywho..good luck! I think I said that already.