14:39 41:31 29:42 1:25:52
All I can say is Holy Carp. I was sure the swim was at least 20 minutes. The bike was slower than I thought, the run faster. I forgot to stop my Garmin at the finish line so I'm not exactly sure of my time on the run.
I got nothing else for today. I took a DOR because I was too lazy to plan anything else. I did do a few planks, but that's it.
I also ate like carp when I got home. That was before I saw my splits. I think I would have chosen better if I'd have known my swim time. (yes I know it's illogical, but still.)
P.S. Got an email response from the timing people saying that the Bike included T1 and T2. I'm glad to know that because I didn't think I was that slow!

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Tammy said...

Great Job Yasmin!!

I envy those who can do tri's.
I'll do one some day- as soon as I learn how to swim...