This morning I went for an easy (very easy) 3 mile run. It.was.awesome! I'm excited. Although I'm slow and probably being overly cautious, I'm happy I can run again. Even if it's just 3 miles.

The other exciting thing? CAF was able to get my race packet for Iron Girl! They sent it to me, so now I have my bag, my CAF jersey, my Iron Girl shirt, even a CAF visor and race belt!

I didn't get one of those commemorative Aflac ducks, but I was just going to give it to my mom anyway, so that's cool. Also, I think we'll be getting them at the 5K in Del Mar next month.

I'm excited to try riding my bike tomorrow.


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Glenn Jones said...

Nice to hear that things are going well again. I'll catch you on twitter!

AKA Alice said...

Hey sweetie...just checkin' in...how are you?