Yesterday was my first actual training session since the gallbladder debacle. It was even coach, and more importantly, Jeremy approved!

I didn't keep up with the people in my lane, but I wasn't trying to push myself too hard. I was trying to make the distances without pushing too hard. It felt great!

I may have to swim more if biking and running are a no go.

I was going to try a nice, easy 30 min run today, but the day has gotten away from me. I need to leave around 3pm to pick up my aunt for Tri la Vie's celebration party tonight. Yes I know, I didn't do the tri, but I'm going to celebrate with my peeps anyway.


Glenn Jones said...

Hey Yas - I got some crunchesin on the ergometer last night after all. It kind of makes a good platform to do them - feet are strapped in, so it's crunch away!

Stretching now - that another issue....

Al's CL Reviews said...

Have fun at the party!