12ish weeks of training for nothing. (I'm allowing myself this blog of pity and that's it.)

Wednesday morning I woke up ~3am with a horrid pain. I've had indigestion before and figured it was that or, when it didn't go away an hour after I started pounding liquids, food poisoning from a suspicious piece of string cheese.

At 11-11:30ish I decide to go to the doctor. I can't keep anything down. This is either a serious case of food poisoning that comes with a dull, constant pressure pain on the right side or it's something altogether different. I can't do anything but lay around and throw up. Awsm.

Doc refers me to a ultrasound stat! It's my gallbladder.

Stat = first available appointment at 3pm. Also, same day reading.

4:30ish I call the doc "can keep anything down. pain makes me want to die. what to do?"

He sent me to the ER, where I was seen by 6pm, 6:30 at the latest. (by the time we got there and checked in it was probably 5:15, 5:30.)

Got more blood taken, got drugs for the vomiting and pain, more ultrasounds.

Was told to take it easy. There looked to be no inflammation. I could stay at the hospital and get IV antibiotics or I could go home with the narcotics (basically Tylenol with codeine or something) and watch myself. I decided on the latter.

Jeremy reminded me why I married him yesterday. He was awesome, even guilting the pharmacist into staying a bit late to get my prescription.

So while my friends and team mates are in Vegas, running into the lake, taming the 3 Sisters and running through the desert, I'll probably be sleeping, then walking the dogs and maybe swimming, who knows.


AKA Alice said...

Well...that sucks. Gallbladder WTF is up with that?

You're gonna be OK real soon, but that does stink that you're missing your race.

Take it easy!

Glenn Jones said...

Glad to hear there's nothing serious going on there!

Get better!

Tammy said...

Oh, Yas, I'm so sorry that you're missing your race.

But, glad that they figured out what was wrong and that it's not too serious.

Get better!