One of Those Days

That's what yesterday was. I got up, got dressed and packed a bag to run after work. After my chiro appointment, I realized I was tired. Feeling run down. Again.

So I skipped my run. I walked the dogs instead. They got a kick out of it and I get a kick out of them. Sometimes I wish I was a dog. Well, a dog with a family to love me. Food, treats, sleep, people to play with me. All I'd have to fear are bigger dogs, baths and the time when my people are away. Maybe they'd get me a friend. But I digress.

Today I swam. I wanted to run or bike, but only because I didn't want to swim. I'm not sure what about it I don't like, except that I don't know how to get faster. I can't really judge my speed through the water. There isn't wind in my hair or scenery streaking, more like meandering, by to help me out.

I arrived at the gym and checked out the pool as I passed by. It was empty, no one in either of the 3 lanes. Score! I get into the locker room and change next to a chick who looks like she's sporting a bathing suit. She probably thought I was checking her out, but really I was hoping that I could get into my suit fast so I can claim a lane.

I get into the pool and there is someone in the middle lane. That's fine, I pick a side one. I do one lap and now the pool is full. I see a guy with googles waiting in the hot tub with goggles and watching the pool like a hawk. I do the unthinkable. I tell him he can share my lane and he does. Chalk one up to my mom and those manners she didn't think I learned.

He did share my lane for a while, then moved to the middle when it became open. Then the aquaciser jumped in. She held on to the wall and kicked. Into my half of the lane. For about 6-8 of my laps. It wasn't until I saw her doing squats and running pretty much in place, did I realize she wasn't going to swim. The rhinestone plastic clippy thing keeping her hair up should have tipped me off.

All in all it was a nice 40 minute workout. I still don't understand how to get faster in the swim. I'm doing pyramids, but I tend to not go all out in the long segments. That's probably why I'm not faster. I think I have a(n irrational) fear of triggering an asthma attack under water. It's not like I'm scuba diving. Now that I know what is holding me back, I'll have to work on it. Because you know what they say:

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Tammy said...

Awww, sorry it was one of those days! Love the pic of the dogs, though.

Great job getting in the pool on a day when you didn't want to. Sorry I have no words of wisdom, since I don't even know how to swim! :-)