When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?

Let's see. We're going to stick to athletic firsts. You don't need to know the first time I got drunk or any other first really...

7/28/2007 - first 5K - Iron Girl Solana Beach 5K
5/26/08 - first 1/2 marathon - Laguna Hills Memorial 1/2
6/18/08 - first (super) sprint tri - Danskin Sprint Triathlon
10/5/08 - first Olympic tri - Bonelli Olympic Distance
3/26/09 - first time I ran the whole path around my housing development, including the hills.

Yes, I'm uber excited. It's not a race. It's not 20 miles. It's not even the first time I completed Santiago Canyon, but it is something I never thought I'd do. And I ran it. Twice.

I was supposed to do a track work out today, after I got my haircut. However the dead garmin disease infiltrated my watch and my brain as I forgot to bring the charger to work. Further more, I've been struck with don't pack a back up watch virus, so I had nothing to make the track workout worthwhile. I decided to run the trail around my development and use the hills as my challenge fastest mile work. I figured I'd run them as hard and as long as I could, and take a walk break.

I didn't even realize I was almost done with the first hill path segment until I saw the ramp going back up to street level. I then had a goal. I'd try and run the whole thing, once. I could walk a little on my second lap. I didn't walk. Although I did get to the end of the trail and turn around, so I wouldn't be running the hills, for a second time, at the very end of my run.

This made the little over 3 mile run enjoyable. I'd rather be out there for 5, but over training leads to non-racing, so I pull back. I'm going to run these hills into the ground!


Tammy said...

Woohoo! Great job, Yas!

Alas, I never really kept track of my firsts... a couple that I remember (but not exact dates)

1st River to River Relay: April 2001 (also my 1st race!)

1st Half Marathon: The Great Escape, Feb 2002

1st Full Marathon: Chicago Lakeshore, Memorial Day weekend 2003

Yasmin said...

If you want to know, I had to look back at my calendar and my posts. My running life is shorter than yours, so it was easier!

Glenn Jones said...

Congratulations on a job well done!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Good job!

I'm coming up on the anniversary of my first 5K...the Komen Atlanta.
And I still hate it (the race not the cause) the most of any race!

AKA Alice said...

I still think it's cool how we were at some of the same events before I started blogging and reading other's blogs...I was at the IronGirl (I did the 10K that year) in 2007 too. I just remember that it was HOT!

Congrats on running the hills in your hood...and thanks for the bike advice on my blog. I'm going to email you (I think I have your email from Carlsbad) to ask about the pedals.