Back Bay and Hill Repeats

Wow is all I have to say. Wow.

Sunday was a Back Bay trail warm up with hill repeats up San Joaquin street. I was scared shitless when I passed by it the first time. I thought the hill went up forever!

After my first trip up the hill, well, my second as I crapped out on my first, I found out it wasn't long, just steep. I traveled up that hill 3.5 more times, yes I did mentally crap out on another trip up the hill. My thighs were burning. I couldn't get out of my seat after the first complete trip up. Each time my heart rate topped out at 180-183. I don't remember ever getting that high on the bike, although I'll have to check my Garmin software to verify.

After that was my favorite part, breakfast! Some fellow athletes and I met at an omelet house in Costa Mesa. mmm... eggs and avocado.


Glenn Jones said...

Yup - that hill is exactly where I do my hill repeats! Who needs a bike?

Tammy said...

Yeah, see, this is part of why I struggle with the idea of a tri. Hills on a bike? No thank you!

Great job on the hill repeats, though, Yas!!

AKA Alice said...

I'll second your "Wow!"