What's Wrong with Me

I went in search of a track. I may have found one at Santiago Canyon College, but I didn't really want to spend time investigating and lose valuable daylight. See, I had tried to find a high school I could run at, but, apparently, to be legal in SVUSD you have to turn in a facilities request and wait for them to approve it. Then you get a pass or a badge or something. Basically they want to make sure you have insurance and that you won't sue them if you get hurt or something happens to you on their track. I told her I'd sneak in carrying my insurance card and a note to that effect. She told me that she would do the same thing, sans insurance card and note, but that she never said that. I'll have to investigate going rogue to get into a high school track.

On to the run I did do. It sucked. I've run around the lake countless times. I ran 9 miles last Saturday and there were hills on that run. I'm not sure why I struggled to get this 3.2 behind me.

Full disclosure, I haven't been taking my daily steroid inhaler or my allergy pills and the weather has been a bit polar, rainy and cold to sunny and hot overnight. That's when the molds tend to come out, and the one thing I'm most allergic to is molds.

So I'm back to taking my pills and puffs of inhaler every morning. I hope it helps. I have a 1/2 marathon in April!


Al's CL Reviews said...

Our track has a big sign saying no trespassers, but I've never seen it enforced. Even the locked parking lot doesn't deter anyone.

Glenn Jones said...

Wow. Here in Newport Mesa, unless there is an event going on all High School tracks are open. I even know of running clubs that use the track over at OCC! If you are down south, drop by a Fleet Feet store and talk to them about tracks that might be available for public use close to you.

Yasmin said...

Trabuco Hills HS just called me back. She said it was open for use after school hours and when the track team wasn't using it.

It's track season now.

I'm wondering if SVUSD is just trying to divert any hoodlums. And everyone knows I'm a hoodlum.

Tammy said...

Yes, Yas- you hoodlum you!

I don't know why anyone would ever run on a track (speed work, what's that?), but they're open around here too.