I know I haven't been here lately. I figured I'd take some time off and focus on me.

Well, really I've taken time off to read smut and brain candy instead of write in my training log. Everyone has vices...

This week and a half has gone tons better since I decided to embrace my training and get what I get. It's not like I don't fight for improvement, I just don't dwell on not doing as well as I've hoped or thought I would.

It's kinda the whole "I get what I get and I don't get upset" rule. I do my best, I get the time I get and I move on. I work the plan, I give what I have and I accept that there are times when I'm running into gale force winds and I won't have a PR breaking 1/2 marathon, especially when I only had 10 miles on tap that day.

I've run 10 miles (ran the OC tri run course from my house, can you say hills), I've swam 1500 yards, I've biked ~20 miles, I'm happy with what I can do.

I promise I'll be more regular after this.