Taking the Plunge

I really wanted to sign up for Vineman 70.3 or Barb's Race this year. Both are 1/2 Ironmans taking place in the Fall. Smartly, my coach told me to wait. I just really want to get back.

Next I was thinking about the Cinco de Mayo 1/2 marathon in Irvine, but I'm not sure I'll but up to that one either. I know I'll be doing the Laguna Hills Memorial Half, because I have to. It was my first 1/2. I "ran" it this year while pregnant. I'm hoping to run it with the bean in 2010. They better allow strollers.

I haven't signed up for any of those.

So what plunge did I take? Surf City 5K, of course.

For the past 2 years, I've wanted to run the Surf City 1/2 on Superbowl Sunday. First it was an IT band issue that stopped my training. Then it was wanting to get the San Diego Race Series Triple Crown medal (which I didn't get because I decided not to run the America's Finest City 1/2 in August, you know, when I was about 20 weeks preggers and thinking it would be in the high 90s. Yes I know I walked a 1/2 marathon in Oct. Let's not dwell on the details.)

The big factors in signing up for this race?
1. I can walk a 5K now, in fact my mom and I did on Thanksgiving day.
2. I haven't seen anywhere on the site that strollers are prohibited.
3. I want to get a legacy medal for participating 3 years in a row.
4. I want to meet up with my running blog/twitter peeps!

So, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the bean and I will be showing up at this race. Maybe it will just be me. We'll see.


Jo said...

I was thinking it'd be fun to do a half marathon in the Fall... was considering the Disney one, although, I think it's super expensive... I also am toying w/ a marathon again, but am not sure I'll have the time to train.

BTW, you are going to be one hot Momma after training to run any distance w/ a stroller!

Can't wait to see you soon!!

Aka Alice said...

Yeah! I'm registered for the Surf City 1/2...hopefully my foot will be healed by then, or I may be running/walking the 5K with you :-)

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