I know most of you have heard.

Yes, I'm pregnant, however it's been coming for a while and we hadn't realized it. Yes, I've asked him to move out. Yes, he's planning on being in the bean's life. Yes, this is the other major reason I haven't posted about anything. And no, there is no hope of reconciliation.

I probably the only first time mother who is looking forward to sleep deprivation because it means I won't be able to think.

Thanks for everyone who has been so supportive. You will never know how much that has meant to me over these last few months.

In other news, the bean is head down, in the high 5lbs and is cleared to come "early". In fact, the doc would like it if he came early.


Mistyfied said...

Very sorry to hear this news Yaz. Hang in there girl, you are strong!

Aka Alice said...

Oh Yas, I'm so sorry. Do take care of yourself. You've got lots of peeps who care about you.

Glenn Jones said...

Yas - sorry to hear about everything else going on. As akaAlie says - there are lots of folks out here who care. Take care of yourself and let us know if you need some help or a shoulder to cry on! As long as it doesn't involve chicking me while pushing a stroller.

Carly said...

I am so sorry! Hang in there and focus on the sweet little life you are going to be bringing into this world.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Take care Yas! You are a strong woman, and you have lots of people who care and will help you in a moments notice.