Annoyed and Disappointed

Annoyed - I didn't have cash to park at a local Junior College and I didn't want to risk the machines not taking credit cards. I didn't want to waste that time. Little did I know I would be wasting more time.

Disappointed - Woodbridge HS had track practice. RSM Intermediate was finishing up track practice AND had already locked their bathrooms. I'm all for using my car as a changing room, but even I have limits. And getting naked in front of middle schoolers isn't only past my limit, but possibility an arrestable offense.

I ended up at home, running my mile repeats in my neighborhood. I did get to stop by the store and pick up groceries for dinner before I got all stinky, so that's a win, but I didn't get to start my workout until after 5, which was a bummer.

Annoyed - I need to remember that mile repeats should push your running ability, but not kill you. As in, if I run a 10 min pace for a 5K, I probably can't hold an 8:45 min/mile. The under 9 min pace killed me. I could barely hold it for a quarter mile. I don't think quarter mile sprints are going to increase my endurance or mile time...

Annoyed - Got out of work late, headed to the Post Office, not thinking that it would be crazy. It's not like Christmas time, people just need to drop off their taxes, but no, it was crazy. So I nixed it, when to Whole Foods to pick up cupcakes for a birthday celebration, then headed to check out hydration belts. I came home with a hydration belt, that I'm thinking about returning, and new shoes, which I wore today for my run.

Disappointed - Rushed back home from the running store, threw on my swim suit, grabbed my wetsuit, trislide, and headed over to the lake. Jumped into my wetsuit and got into the water, but it was too late. I was pulled out, due to sunset, about 5 minutes before the end of my hour. The lifeguards had been whistling at me and I hadn't noticed. It was kind of ironic that the person that might get our group kicked out of the kick ass venue was actually a person who pays the lake association fee. Nice huh.

I now love swimming in my wetsuit. The full body girdle look is nothing compared to how fast I feel in the water.


Glenn Jones said...

Wow - you're having a lot of trouble finding a track! Yeah - this time of year is track season, so a lot of tracks are being used. My running club moves from the Corona del Mar track to a park off Shady Canyon to do intervals.

AKA Alice said...

Mile repeats just kill me. We've been running 800 repeats with 200 recovery laps, and I've been really surprised at how it's helped my speed.

You're doing La Jolla next weekend, right?