Stud or Crazy

I went to a free Boot Camp workout this morning at the Spectrum, then decided to ride 2.5 hours, Santiago Canyon, a hill repeat (so I guess it's just a hill if there wasn't any repeating) then back to the house and a cool down around the neighborhood.

Am I a Stud or just Crazy. You decide.

I'm supposed to run 5 or 10 miles tomorrow. We'll see how that goes...

The Boot Camp was lots of work, but tons of fun and might be the strength training that I've been looking for. It does meet at 5:30 in the morning, which is a turn off.

Santiago Canyon was beautiful and I had a great time. Yes, people, mark this date down on your calendars. Yasmin actually enjoyed of her bike ride. The weather was great. Sunny, a bit hot, but comfortable. I made it from my house to Chapman in under an hour. The trip back took longer, but it always does. There is more uphill that way. At least that's what I'm telling myself.


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5 OR 10 Miles??? That's a big difference.