Heat + Sore/Heavy Legs + Hills = Running Fail

This morning, instead of going for my "long" 5 mile run (1/2 marathon next Sunday) or racing the Newport Beach Tri myself, I went to cheer on my Tri Sisters from Tri la Vie. (It's basically the same group of women who were in TriDivas for anyone who follows).

Let me say, I do like being a spectator for Sprint Triathlons. I love being a spectator for the athletes. I don't know if the random people telling me that I look strong, I have sexy legs (Carlsbad 1/2, they were telling everyone), only a few more miles (which I never tell people unless I know EXACTLY how many more miles are left) know how they pick me up and make me want to run or bike (I never quite here anything but yelling during the swim.)

There is one Sis that I'm especially proud of. After having a freak out, hyperventilating moment at the lake (and apparently during the first part of the swim) she powered through, got out of Back Bay and finished her race.

Due to all this cheering, I have a very hoarse voice and I didn't go running until about 1pm. It was about 87 degrees. I decided to run Santiago Canyon, thinking I could refill my bottles from my original hydration belt, at Cook's corner if I needed to. I needed.

In reality it was a run walk. I'm not very proud of my 13 min pace, but I know it's the best I could hope for given hills, the heat and no shade. I actually ran across the road to run in the shade on the way back.

The only reason I even went out at 1pm, was because I didn't want to wait until 8pm and Monday is supposed to be even hotter! I guess it was a good test drive for Iron Girl. Vegas may be that hot at 10 am on May 9th, when I get out on the run course. (First wave starts at 6:30. The waves aren't up yet, but I'm guessing I'm at least wave 3 or 4 with at least 10 minutes between waves, which puts my start about 7-7:10 IF they start on time.)

My biggest fear is overheating. I sweat so much as it is, how much more cooling power does my body have? They will have sponges every aid station on the run. I plan on using those to their fullest potential.

In summary, I suck at running in the heat and I'm already worried about Iron Girl. That is all.

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