I'm Alive!

Yeah, I know. It's been almost a month since the last time I've posted anything.

Good news: Baby is doing fine. In fact, it's a male child. I should have known with all the melons I was craving...

Bad news: I stopped running again. The shortness of breath was getting to me and I was walking more than I was running.

I just got a new bathing suit, so I should be heading to the pool in the next few days. I did miss swimming. I know, check the date. Record it for posterity. I'm not sure that I ever thought I'd say that.

Well, have a great run/bike/swim everyone!


Carly said...

Wow!! I have been gone a long time! I did not know you were pregnant. Congratulations!!!!

Aka Alice said...

I LOVED swimming when I was pregnant. Amazingly, the only time I didn't feel like a whale was when I was in the water!

Glad you posted and that you're feeling well!

Viv said...

Why are we checking the date? I have not tried swimming. You must say how it went!

paige said...

Congrates on the baby!!