Yas: 2, Lake Itch: 0*

* I did find a red bump or 2 under my left boob. It itches a little, but that might be psychologically induced by me thinking it's lake itch and it just being a little pinched skin.

Now that we have that out of the way... The lake swim was great, and did help me draw a conclusion: Yas may need to buy herself a wetsuit.
Wetsuits are required for TriDiva training. They make you buoyant and I float without trying. Right now I'm borrowing one from my coach, who's a bit taller than I, but apparently was a bit bigger than she is now when she bought this suit. I think the collar is a bit high in the back and it's jamming my neck when I try to breathe. I'm glad that I have it for now. I'm happy that coach Martha lent it to me. I'm glad I'm learning what does and doesn't work for me. And it's all about what works for you in this wacky world of endurance sports, probably in any sports.

The swim was supposed to be 10 laps of the swim area in the lake. It ended up being 8 as we were waved in by the lifeguard (well really another TriDiva who had finished her swim, but the lifeguard told them they were going to kick us out). It had been overcast all day, so I think it got darker faster than planned, and I'm slow.

The big fish didn't scare me this time, I knew they were going to be there and look for them. I actually got excited when I saw them. The danger this time: Geese.

Sometime during lap 5 or so geese flew in and started floating on the water. Apparently this offended other geese and there was some dive bombing, driving the offending geese away. They came very close to a fellow TriDiva's head, not sure if she got kicked or not.

All in all a very entertaining time.


Viv said...

Awesome on the lake swim Yas! Make sure you use plenty o' lube on the back of the neck when in the wet suit. That is nubero uno spot for chaffing, and it feels like someone is trying to choke you while you swim. It sounds like your really getting into the open water swimming...yea!!

Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

I need a lake!
Or a pool!
Or water!

It sounds like so much fun. I love swimming!

Carly said...

Nice swim in the lake. MN is the land of 10,000 lakes and I am to skeeved out to swim in any of them. I don't want to see "wildlife" while swimming....so I search for heavy chlorinated pools. LOL

Geese are mean. I see them and I run the opposite direction.

Kelly said...

That is so cool! I am not a big fan of lakes either (seen too many scary movies...lol). But I think it is awesome that you are doing it - geese and all! Keep up the good work!