Better Now...

Today is much better than yesterday. I shook out of my funk and I think it's because of 2 things.

1. I got a text from Jo to tell me that she and Jasmine (her cat) got in safely.
2. I got a massage. It was wonderful and this morning I woke up with no lower back pain or stiffness.

This will be a 2 post day as I was so relaxed after my massage, I didn't want to think about sitting up, let alone typing.

Anyone in Orange County or the Inland Empire want a massage? She comes to your house and works on you until you're done. It was ~1 hour 30 min and it was a very good rate. I'll give you her number.

Really that's it. I wanted to thank you peeps for letting me know that even though it does suck, it's not like we don't have phones or email or planes or even cars.

Tonight's post, will Yas continue on her streak of no Lake Itch? These are the days of her life...

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