Jo is leaving tomorrow. She will be boarding a jet plane and doesn't know when she'll be back again. Well, that's not true, we know when she'll graduate and she'll probably visit on one of those random holidays that college students have, like Spring Break.

I tried to find a picture of Jo that I took in the last year or so, but all I could come up with was from a friend's bachelorette party. And chickies, you know you don't want those pics published. My male friends, if any read this blog, you know what happens at the bachelor party, stays at the bachelor party. Same here.

If you didn't catch my blog on her before, she's going back to school. And it isn't your run of the mill, just trying to better myself or kill time, type of Master's Degree Program. No. It's a hardcore earn 2 Master's Degrees in ~2 years type program at MIT. MIT peeps! She's not just trying to fit it in between work and life. No. She decided to pick up her life and move to Boston.

If you haven't realized, we went to dinner tonight. A last hurrah. It was Mexican food, as I didn't think they'd have as good Mexican food in Boston as we do in Cali. The four of us talked through Becki's upcoming wedding, Leia's wedding that just passed, my trip to NZ. It was almost like nothing was going to happen early tomorrow morning.

I wish Jo luck. I know it'll be hard to start up in a new city with no support system. I know she's up to it. The four of us will be meeting up soon, anyway. We'll be meeting her in Boston in July.

I'll let you all know how she's doing then.


Viv said...

Cheers to Jo! I am sorry I know it is hard when a dear friend moves.

Tammy said...

Oh, Yas. I know how tough it is when a friend moves away. But, great news for Jo! MIT. Impressive.

Carly said...

Wow! What a fantastic opportunity for her. But I know how bittersweet it is when the girlfriends are far away. I hope you get to visit her!