Freaked Out!!!

I freaked out in my wetsuit yesterday. It felt hard to breath. Not actually in my lungs, but it was hard to get my head in the right position to breath. I felt like the neck on the back of the wetsuit was pushing against my head when I lifted it up or turned it to the side to breath.

I don't know if the wetsuit is too small or just not the right fit. I'll need to check peeps out on Saturday, our mock Tri, and see how high it goes up on their necks.

Now I'm just embarrassed at the whole episode. I finished all my laps, after my fellow Diva, Cathy, fixed my neck so it wasn't so high, and I raced into shore because I just wanted to be out. I ended up crying in front of Martha when I just wanted to ask if she thought it was too high on my neck.

I don't cry. Not because I think it's a sign of weakness but because I'm not a pretty, cute, QUIET crier. I heave, I gasp and I'm loud.

Martha made me calm down and I still ran. I needed to put that episode behind me. The best thing to do for me was to try and finish out the session. It's never been this bad before.

This Saturday is the mock tri in Seal Beach. (read in the ocean) I'm hoping it will be better.


Amy said...

Oh no Yas! That's such a shame. I think I would have reacted the same thing, I no likey tight things around my neck let alone a wet suit around my neck AND body!

I hope you get it straightened out.

The Worsted Witch said...

I'm glad you're OK!

That happened to me once when I was snorkling---I'm not a strong swimmer, and midway I just couldn't cope. I started flailing about and luckily my friend saw and came and got me!

Carly said...

OMG that is horrible. I am actually hyperventilating for you right now. I would have had the same reaction.

Good luck at your mock tri!

Jen Den said...

I had an incident like that once while scuba diving. I felt like an idiot, so I know where you are coming from. It's all good. Let it go.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I had something like that happen to me at the zoo when I was wearing a turtleneck. So you're not nuts. Talk to the lady (martha?) and see if your neck is too high. It might be something easily fixed.

And good for you for finishing!

Viv said...

Aww, Yas. That is what the training is for right.. I understand the crying I get like when frustrated that or I throw things.

I hope you can find a solution, people at dive shops know wetsuites to a tee.

Good luck at the mock tri. Hope the water is calm for ya.