My First True Brick

First, let's just acknowledge the elephant in the room. If you look to your left there is a subtly titled widget asking if you'd like to donate to a great cause, the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research. On Saturday, May 10th, I will be running in Sacramento to support this cause. My Aunt's hospital actually has a mobile mammography and examination RV thing that was funded by this foundation. It's a cause that near (figuratively and literally) and dear to my heart. So give to me, or give to your local chapter. Besides, I'll probably be hitting you up for another donation sometime soon (has anyone done a Team in Training event?). On to bricks.

Sunday's TriDiva training was all about hill repeats and wobbly legs. The hill repeats were hard, but I had done them before because we used the trail by my house. As I said in a previous post, I'm a lazy athlete, why disassemble and reassemble my bike for an easy flat ride, when I can ride hills?

We did a total of 3 hill repeats with the first one as a warm up and the remaining 2 were timed. They told us the first one would be the worst, and it was. I took 12:44 for the first repeat and 11:36 for the second. I coasted too much on the not so steep parts on my first way up and wanted a better time. It's good to know that my choice of places to cycle is a good one.

After we (the sprinters) did our 3 hill repeats we were off for a run. She told us peeps new to running after biking to go 5 minutes out and 5 minutes back and to the experienced peeps, go 10 out and 10 back. Of course Stacy and I, to whom running is old hat (please cover your snickers with your hand), decided to do the 10 out and back.

My legs didn't feel as wobbly as everyone else said. Maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough on my bike? I also had a relatively fast pace on my 20 minute run. I felt good enough at the end of the day to attempt another 2 miles run (notice I said attempt, I only ran about 1.5 miles and was on the lookout for rattlesnakes the whole time). In fact, after I ate a big, not necessarily good for me, recovery breakfast, I went home and took a nap. The second run was to loosen up my stiff legs, and it worked.

Yes, sometimes even I think I'm crazy.


Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

I've been hit up by someone in Team in Training. Not a bad thing...
We'll be running the Komen the same day.

So hills were on the bike and then you ran, and then you ran again? Yes, you are crazy!!!

Viv said...

I am going to a TNT meeting this Wed. I really want to do the tri in DC and after reading about a local athlete who is a cancer survivor story, I am way more inclined.

Congrats on your brick. I dont always get the pain after doing one. The harder I push on the bike the wobblier the legs. Becareful with doing too many since you have that IT band issue.

Diario de Elysia said...

I third, am going to the TNT info meetin here in a few weeks, they are running in the next half I am doing.

Awesome training Yas!