Rough Waters

After being at the lake tonight, I can honestly say Viv is my hero for swimming in rough waters.

I spray myself down with Trislide, expensive wetsuit lube (yes I know I can use Pam, but have you tried to squeeze yourself into jeans 2 sizes too small? you'll take any shortcut you can to get it on) and start rolling on my wetsuit.

This takes about 5-8 minutes. It was faster than when I was in the dressing room at Trizone fo sho. I had my race uniform (Tridiva top and trishorts) on and I believe this made it easier to fit my hips into the suit. I can't zip it up myself, but who really can?

Side Note:
In case you live outside Southern Cali and it hasn't made national new, we're having some really cracked out weather. This time last week it was starting to get very hot and got up near 100 on the weekend. Now it's rainy, there were mudslides, hail, thunder, lightening, a tornado and some snow. This will lead into my training recap.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog:
Martha, our TriDiva's coach, regales us with her tale of the century (that's 100 miles peeps) ride she did today AND IT HAILS. So with that, we can't balk at swimming in the cold, maybe rainy, weather.

We line up, run in the water, swim to "the line" which is basically the deep end of the swim area in the lake and start our laps. I get 4 laps in (most people got 5). I took in a lot of water in the beginning because the lake was rougher than the last few time we've been there. Of course it was lap 4 that I finally got into my groove, and we were called back to shore. It was raining and lightening was predicted, which was why they pulled us out of the lake.

That was when official TriDiva sanctioned practice ended. A swim-run was on the schedule, so a few of us decided to finish the 20 minute run. This is when it started to pour.

All in all, I was pretty happy with the whole session. I wish I would have gotten into my groove sooner, so I could have done more laps, but such is life.

Oh, have I told you my 1/2 is only 3 days way? What was I thinking?


Al's CL Reviews said...

I thought of you today and your half. You will do great!

Viv said...

Tough waters can be a you know what! Way to get your laps in anyhow and stick around for the run.

Good LUCK!!
I will be thinking of you and your 1/2. Have fun with it and stay healthy for your tri season casue it's loaded :-)

Amy said...

You. are. impressive!!

Congrats on just being out there in that kind of water. I hear you on wanting to get in your groove faster. It feels like once I get there I'm done:(

And I'm sure with all the training you do, that you'll do great on your 1/2!!

Diario de Elysia said...

GL on your half Yas....you are gonna rock that race.

So impressed with your swimming.

Kelly said...

WOW!! That is crazy weather.

I am just imagining trying to shove myself into a wet suit. *shudder*

You are going to do awesome!