Cancer Sucks

and I hope never to wear pink. I did run/walk the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 5K in Sacramento. The survivors wear pink.

You know the biggest factors for getting breast cancer are being female and getting older. Crap, that's me, so please women, check your boobs. One of our good family friends, as in she knew me before I was born, is a 16+ year survivor.

The race was great. I stuck with my cousin's daughter, as even I won't leave a 15 year old girl to fend for herself so I can get a better time. Especially when she's related to me and I like her.

I shouldn't have thought I'd be able to race it anyway. I tear up every time I see a pink shirt, an in memory of sign, or even an in celebration of sign. There were so many people, we must have walked .1-.25 miles before we could start jogging. Although I should be annoyed, I'm not. This many people coming out for a great cause can only make me smile.

Thanks to everyone who helped me reach my fundraising goal. I actually exceeded it by more than $50. Thanks peeps.


Viv said...

That is always a beautiful touching event. Way to get out there and raise money for a great cause.

Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

Woohoo Yas!!!!!!!!!!

Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

And yes we had perky cheerleaders too! The local ZTAs from GA Tech were there to cheer everyone on.

I thought of you as I was having my 1st beer.

Delane said...

Woo hoo yas. I'm a bit emotional and the last time Id id the Y-Me race I cried though part of it..so I just don't do it anymore. There is no crying in running..