No, I didn't go wander the streets mocking people all morning. Today was a run through of the triathlon. It was by time, not distance. The swim was 12 minutes, the bike 45 and the run 30.

The ocean swim was AWESOME. I'm not sure if it was the salt water or the fact that I was making my my own Micheal Jackson video as I was putting on my wetsuit, making sure the crotch was all the way up. (I had a couple of people suggest that my wetsuit wasn't pulled all the way up and that could have been causing it pull down.) Except for getting some salt water every time I took a breath and not really putting my head in the water (for someone who likes salt as much as I do, I'm not so keen on swallowing as much salt water as I did, or tasting the salt water as I breath out) it was great. I'm pretty sure that I didn't complete the 1/2 mile swim distance.

The bike was okay. I could have been faster, but the path was narrow and well populated, making passing difficult. I also didn't want to push myself to hard until I knew how my legs would feel for the run. I did about 8-9 miles of the 12.

The run was as usual. I think I should be able to keep my short distance pace for the run. My knee did start talking to me, this is normal after a long run and I don't think I'm completely rested from Monday's race. I'm hoping with proper rest, I'll be able to complete the mileage. As it was I did about 2.5 miles with the walking.

I loved that I did this mockathlon (a term coined by my husband). It gave me the confidence I needed. The knowledge that I can do this, although I do need to work on my transition time.


Al's CL Reviews said...

Sounds awesome.
You will definitely do great in 2 weeks.

Kelly said...

Sounds like you did a GREAT job!! You will totally fine for the real thing.

I like the mental picture of you sitting around mocking people repeatedly all day too...


Susan (aka Suba) said...

You're so cute. It's nice to put the face to the name. I think you did great!

Delane said...

Your going to rock!!!

I like to do dry runs of races too. I like to know where I'm going!

Viv said...

Great job out there, especially coming off a 1/2 super impressive.

I am so jonesing for you tri! I wish I could be there to cheer you on. I will be thinking of you. I am going to email you my number so I can get a text that you rocked it!