Back in the Saddle

Thanks for all the comments about my freak out. I've decided it no longer gets to be on the top of the blog. I'm putting it behind me.

So today, although I didn't really feel like it when I got home, I did my brick. 12 miles on the bike (hill repeats because that's what I have near me) and a 20 minute run. So I put on my cycling clothes and headed out.

Who should I see as I'm doing my first down hill? Coach Martha. She had 112 miles on tap today. Have I mentioned she's training for an Ironman next month? This assured me that I made the right decision to get off my arse and train.

The 12 miles on the hills took me an hour, I'm hoping that I'll be faster on a flat course. I'm hoping that there will be flat courses...

The running was more like 17:30-18 minutes running not quite 20. I felt great coming off the bike. I was running my short distance pace, peeps, the fast pace! After about 10 minutes, my knee started to tell me that I'd reached my limit for running on my "recovery" week (recovery for a 1/2 marathon, challenge week for the tri).

I'm glad I got back into training instead of drowning my sorrows in reruns of Project Runway and Top Chef. Yeah I know it wasn't a wetsuit in the lake, but I'm not letting yesterday kill my buzz.


Julia said...

Great job on getting back in there, Yas. I might not have made it off the couch...

Viv said...

Awesome on the hill repeats. They are making those legs strong for a fast flat ride on tri day!!

Go Martha! That must have been her peak training ride..Holy S$$T, affirms my desire just for the IM 70.3 but they say once you train for the 1/2 iron it's best to continue the trainning and go full on. I think it applies to marathons too, LOL!

I LOVE PR & TC! I keep finding more common ground.

You are a bad azz for tri training through recovery. You know how went recovery went down for my lazy self. HAHAHA!

Kelly said...

OMG - I am so glad that you got over your bad day and got back out there. You are totally my hero for doing this. I dont know that I could even swim one lap in a warm water pool with flippers and a kickboard!

Keep it up girl!