The Swim Lesson

I did it. I took a lesson where I was video taped in a swim suit whilst swimming. *faint*

It wasn't as bad as I thought and now I have a tape of me in a swimsuit swimming to keep for the rest of my life. We worked on breathing (my head placement) and my stroke (focusing on pulling with my forearm and keeping my fingers closed whilst pulling). These may sound like little things to you, but I noticed the difference right away.

By the end of the lesson I was crossing the pool faster but using less energy to do it. What the heck? I also have a video to remind me what it's supposed to look like if/when I fall back to my old ways.

I bet you all are expecting to see a clip of me swimming like a pro. Um, no. As much as I love all you peeps in blogland, I really don't want to subject you to Yas flailing around in a pool. Think of how it'll ruin my wonderful career when that gets on Youtube.


Al's CL Reviews said...

Your last sentence made me spit my coffee back into my cup.

Kelly said...

I am LMAO. You are a brave woman. I dont think I would let anyone videotape me being "athletic".

Congrats on the lesson!

Viv said...

come on share...or at least the tips. That is awesome you had your swim evaluated. I am glad you are seeing improvements!

Julia said...

WTG Yas! I love swimming! Those little things do make a big difference.

Amy said...

WTG on the lesson!

I'm always impressed by your running, swimming, etc.