2, 4, 6...9

My big challenge today was not only completing the 9 miles, but trying to get the 200-300 calories/hour recommended by coaches and my reading material, alike.
My plan was to eat a gel (I chose Clif Shots) on the even miles and make an executive decision on mile 8, since there would only be 1 mile left, to eat or not eat my last 100 calories. (I did shoot for the lower end of the calorie range.)

On mile 2 I had the strawberry flavored gel, it has 50 mg of caffeine, BONUS! I took it and kept running. At about 2.6 I was at my "aid station" on my porch drinking my Nuun. I took my chocolate flavored gel on mile 4, it was thick like pudding. I was back at my station a bit after 5 miles, downing more Nuun. Took the mocha flavored one (50 mg more of caffeine) again pudding thick and that was it. I didn't take the last shot, more because I was focusing on mind over bladder than nutrition. I ended up walking a bit of mile 8 trying to keep from wetting myself.

Once I was back at home, I ran in then peed, drank some Nuun, and shoved off to finish the remainder of mile 9.

All in all this was a great run for me. I loved, and I do mean LOVED, miles 3-7.

Some Random Musings:
I've found my new favorite recovery meal, fajitas. Mmm fajitas. I still like a great PB and J, but for the points, I think I get more for my "buck" with the fajitas. I should have taken a picture to show you all.

Salt. I didn't realize that the grit I had on my face and body was actual salt/mineral granules. I thought it was dirt or grime. With the amount of salt that I produce, I bet I could scrape it on to some filter paper, rinse it over a beaker, dry it and use it at my kitchen table and not buy salt for the season. I produce that much salt, I feel.

I have an M dot tattoo. Well, it's really a bruise and more of a V dot than an M dot (squint and get yourself in the mind of someone wanting to see Jesus or Mary in an oil stain on the side of a tunnel), but I'm wondering if it's a sign. I tried to take pictures, but the light didn't pick it up well.
Maybe I'm reaching.


Viv said...

Yaaa, awesome on the 9 miles Yas!!Salt on my face. I never thought of that. Ewww, I get a ton of that on my face, and legs. I am with you on the fajitas. YUMMY!

I'm ROFLMAO at you M dot tatt. It's a sign chickie. I can't wait to do a IM 70.3. /our day will come.

Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

Woohoo on the 9.

Tammy said...

WTG on the run!

Chicken fajitas... my favorite pre-race meal / post-race recovery meal / middle of the week meal ...

Carly said...

Nice job on the 9!!!!!

you have me drooling over the fajitas.