I'm alive, I promise. I got a bit overwhelmed by the thought of my 1/2 marathon next Monday (Memorial Day). I haven't run longer than 10 miles. I've gotten over it, though. It'll be the first race I've run where I haven't actually covered the distance before game day.

In other news, Viv ran her 1/2 today, Elph (Jen) and Amber who ran their 5K and Amy and Eli who ran the Bay to Breakers and probably never recognized each other or even knew the other was there. Amy and Eli, please don't send me any pictures of the nekid peeps you saw on the run.

In other training news, I bought my own wetsuit. It's an entry level suit that I had a very hard time putting on, so it must be a good fit. Also, I couldn't zip it up on my own, so that's a plus, according to the tri shop owner. I'm just hoping it'll fix my little breathing problem so I can swim longer in the ocean (read lake, we haven't done an ocean swim yet).

I'm in the market for a fluid/fuel belt. I'd like something that's around my waist, but relatively small. So anyone who has suggestions or a fav product, let me know.

For Monday, I'm just going to drink what the course has and bring my own gels. Success will be mine!!!


Viv said...

I think you will do great. I did not cover "the" distance either, and I know most poeple don't. Congrats on the wet suit!! I petted mine the first couple of days. It should really help you when you get a lil tired for sure. I am a fan of nathan belts but I did course water and power ade. It was great for training though. It kinda sits vertically in the back pouch. Good luck, and than for the shout out. i am sure I will wish you luck a million more times...hehehe

Al's CL Reviews said...

You'll do great!

The Worsted Witch said...

You're so inspiring! I saw Tariq's photos from his latest trip to California and you look smokin' hot, woman!