calories is what I burned on my 10 mile run. I also learned why a) you don't take "new" shoes out for a long run, and b) why you rotate shoes so you don't have to take "new" shoes out for a long run.

My New Balance 1223s are dead. They may not be officially dead. I may even use them to run that 13.1 mile thing at the end of the month. I also got a card in the mail saying they're endangered. Now I may have rushed out to get a few pair if I hadn't visited the New Balance booth at Race for the Cure's Expo on Saturday. The new 1224s are lighter than the 1223s. I'm excited as that's my biggest complaint about shoes, when you add my orthotics they're frakkin' heavy. Come August, I'm going to be faster without trying.

I've also officially signed up for the Laguna Hills Memorial 1/2 Marathon. Even though, like clockwork, I need to use the bathroom around mile 8 and also like clockwork, I get upper leg pain after my longest run to date. So if things go as planned, I'll be scouting out the port-a-potties and walking after mile 11... huh?

Well, I'll be scouting out the port-a-potties, but I'll be doing some run/walking (run 1 mile, walk 1 minute) for the race. I know it helps the muscle fatigue, so I'm counting on it to help me cross the finish line.

Oh, and whoo hoo to Viv for completing her triathlon. And anyone else in blog world who raced this past weekend.


Viv said...

Aww, thanks for the shoutout!
First off great job on logging the 10 miler!!
I am so excited you signed up for the 1/2. I hope the hills part is just for name sakes and no actual hills :-O

Kelly said...

Great job Yaz!! I think it is great that you have a "pattern" as described...at least you can plan for any little things that will come up on the route. :)

Congrats on signing up for the half!!!

Ames said...

*taking notes: don't wear new sneaks on long run, break them in first*

Thanks. I need a new pair of shoes very soon.

Congrats on signing up for the 1/2!!

Tammy said...

Great job on the run, Yas. And, congrats on signing up for the half!

Carly said...

Nice run! I hear you about the new shoes. I did a long run in brand new orthotics....not smart. Congrats on signing up for the half and doing the Race for the cure!!