Yas: 1; Lake Itch: 0

So I'm semi-excited about my first open water swim in Lake Mission Viejo and I get this email.

"This morning's Lake Swim blessed more then half of our Diva's with Lake Itch.

We will still be holding the swim session at the Lake tonight for those who choose to swim, otherwise come ready to run."

Lake itch. I had never heard of the term before Triathlons. For those who were like me, Lake Itch is:
"During spring and some times of the summer, swimmer's itch, also called cercarial dermatitis appear. It is a microscopic pest that lives on hosts like birds and snails by biting into their skin. Once it bites a human, it dies but leaves an irritated area or bump like a mosquito bite. The itching will be gone as well as the bump in a few days. Swimmer's itch can be prevented by showering thoroughly after swimming."

The evening Divas faired better than the morning ones. No cases of Lake Itch was reported. I'm having sympathetic itching, but no bumps. The wetsuit was different. In some ways it was easier, but in others it was harder.
The suit keeps you buoyant, but my arms felt heavier the longer we swam. I did come out of the lake and go straight to the shower. No stopping at Go or Collecting $200. (Showering is one of the ways to get rid off the lake itch bug.) Also, I used TriSwim's TriGlide lubricant when putting on my wetsuit. It's supposed to make it easy to take off my wetsuit. It did. I didn't even notice any resistance when I peeled it off during my shower.
But back to running, or at least running gadgets.

I think Phil Knight read my blog yesterday. I just got an email telling me my Nike order has shipped. I will be watching it via UPS all the way from Memphis, TN, for what good that will do me. My last shipment never updated itself to tell me it wasn't going to be here on the 18th until after the 18th.
I should be less pessimistic. Of course my package will be here when UPS says it will. They always accurately update their site. Of course I won't be happy until I have the band in my hot little hands.

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Carly said...

Oh swimmers itch does not sound fun. glad you were able to beat it.

I am exited for a Nike+ reveiw!