Being Lazy on the Bike

Yesterday and today I've been really lagging in the afternoon. I think this is due to me being on the flex program and not eating as much Core foods or balancing the foods I'm eating at breakfast and lunch. Weight Watcher's Flex plan isn't an excuse for poor nutrition. So I must do better.

Since I was feeling a bit sluggish this afternoon, I decided to do my 45 min cycling training on the Stationary Bike in the gym. Yes, I was being lazy, but I did it.

It was probably easier than the route I would have taken if I had actually ridden outside, but I also had to pedal the entire 45 minutes, so it may have been a wash.

This was my second week of modifying Uncle Hal's 1/2 marathon training program for triathlon training as well. The 45 minutes on the bike was about the same time I'd have spent running, although my heart rate was much lower on the bike. I wonder how that will factor into my being ready for the Laguna Hills Memorial 1/2 Marathon.

I didn't register yet. I'm still not committing.


Viv said...

Well if you rode a bike any kind of bike you are not lazy.

The real is bike is a way better work out no doubt, but you got the training time in, with a high cadence so your set.

I am sure you will make the best decision on the 1/2 :-)

Yasmin said...

Viv, I'm going to make my decision after this Saturday's 7 miles.

DH doesn't want me to hurt myself again, I don't either, but I really want to do at least a 1/2 before I get preggers. I actually sent an email to the Xterra peeps to see if they accept walkers for their 15K trail race. You have to finish in 2-3 hours, depending on which part of their site you read...

Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

I read both your blogs yesterday and got my ass out of bed at 8pm (yes, I watch TV and surf the net there) and rode my bike for 45 minutes. I was only going to ride for 30 minutes, but that wasn't even 200 calories burned, so I kept going.

You both are inspiring me.