I Am Not OP

and I'm owning it.

I'm going to enter all my carpy food into my tracker and send it to Star. I *may* double check where I am if I switch back to flex and do that. But I am not, I repeat NOT, going to sweep my points eaten under the rug in my living room. The program doesn't work that way and I can't either.

I'm back. I did all that math using only my simple computer calculator. What, you think an engineer can do math without a calculator? No, that's a Mathematician. Hate to break it to ya but most engineers can't spell either. Yeah, it's a news flash, I know, but I digress.

I did the math and I'm going back to flex for the 3rd time in as many weeks. I need to get back to basics on Core, but that means actually going to the grocer, something I've only done sporadically the last few weeks.

Back to running... I examined my chub rub today, and it's a full on burn, like rug burn. Nice. Now I know the Brook's running skirt is going. The seams are not in a nice place for my left thigh. I think I'm running my 4.5 in tights tomorrow.


Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

I am back to basics too.
Well as soon as I eat again.

Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

Can I add your site to my site? Would you mind?

Yasmin said...

Nope Al, not at all.

Viv said...

At least you are owning up to it. I can not say the same while I am on vay k next week. I hope I can maintain main goal.

Good luck with the run in tights. I hope the burn eases up. i used the A&D ointment there and it healed up fairly quickly.