Work Sucks

Wednesday was swimming with the TriDivas. Thursday was supposed to be running and the Danskin Triathlon Seminar at REI. Friday was actually running and getting prepared for Saturday's garage sale.

Swimming was okay. I think my form and know my breathing is getting better. Oh and I was the slowest one today. I came in last EVERY FRAKKIN' LAP. Every one. I'm not sure what I need to do better. It's just hard to get feedback with the group session. I'll have to make a point to ask the coach about it at the next pool session.

Thursday I was planning on doing 4.5 miles. Work ruined that plan. A major problem was found and the whole team needed to fix it. I didn't get out of the plant until 5pm. Well, really it was a bit after 5, but since I was going to REI, which is sort of close to my work, I decided to play on the internet for a few minutes before I picked up a protein source to eat with my salad.
So I go to REI, with some fellow TriDivas, and listen to a seminar put on by Danskin and presented by Sally Edwards, who is Danskin's spokes athlete. She is actually tasked with coming in last at every Danskin Triathlon, so no other woman will be last. She swims with the last swimmer, cycles with the last cyclist and runs with the last runner. I hope only to see her at the begining and during the awards ceremony, if there is one. I don't want to see her on the course.

It was very interesting, but most of it was stuff Coach Martha has already introduced to me. The one thing I didn't really absorb from Coach Martha, but did at this seminar, was training in different Heart Rate Zones. I think I'm always in Zone 4 or 5, never 2 or 3. I'll have to watch that in the future.
Today I made sure to leave work close to on time. I found the trail I kept seeing from the freeway on my way to work. In fact, the one I see running parallel to the freeway is just an offshoot of the main trail.

It's called the San Diego Creek Trail and it's about 10 miles. It's flat, except for the underpasses that take you across the streets. I did 4 of my 4.5 miles. It was hot. I was not properly hydrated and I think I was tired. I also had pants instead of a skort or shorts. Excuses rein supreme.

My pace slipped about a minute. I may start getting up earlier so I can run in the cool. I just can't believe the huge shift in temperature from week to week. Not only is it playing havoc with my allergies and sinuses, but now I can't even bring the right clothes for an after work run. I felt horrible on the run, but great afterward. I've decided I'm going to plant water bottles along the route for my long run on Sunday. I've even got a cute idea to tell people to keep their frakking hands off my bottles and that my bottles aren't trash/litter.

My pity party is over for today. Hopefully my report in tomorrow will be filled with wonderful swimming and weight training news. I also want to report back that I've finally gotten rid of that stupid Foosball table at our garage sale. It's a great gift for a college dorm, but takes up way too much room if don't have a dedicated game room in your house, and we don't.

Stay tuned.

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Viv said...

Great post, not a pitty party at all just part of training, right. I love to hear it all, vent to me.

Swimming is begining to piss me off. I am starting to hate it. Anyhow, the heat is taking it's toll over here as well.

I am glad you were able to make it to the seminar. I saw your Carlsbad pics, you looked so strong out there. Great job!! It looked totally beautimus out there. I could see the beach ..ahh!