Why I Do This Sh*t

So I'm trolling my fave WW message board and I'm inundated with tons of "motivate me" posts. Um, unless I have a cattle prod and am yelling "Eat salad or feel the rod of truth", I'm pretty sure I can't motivate you to eat correctly or exercise, you have to do it. But races help.

And that's why I'm here. If I focus on training for the next race, or training in general, then it's much easier to eat better and lose weight. I eat better because I know I perform better when adequately fueled. Now that doesn't mean I'll have some chocolate cake every once in a while (week), but I'm less likely to be hitting up Taco Hell when I know I have 5 miles to run that night.

It's a way to keep me moving, which burns calories. We all know that calories in < calories out to lose weight. (Yes the < is the less than sign, geniuses.) And don't get me started on the endorphins that I didn't realize I was addicted to...

That's why I sign up for 5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2s and triathlons. That's why I think about signing up for a full marathon. It's something for me to focus on that doesn't have to do with the scale. It will be something to help me continue this healthier lifestyle after I reach goal.

Over this past year I've been running I shaved ~6 minutes off my 5K. That's a bit under 2 minutes a mile faster. I HAVE to be skinnier, or even better, healthier. There is no other way I'd have gotten faster, unless it's got something to do with the magic beans that little boy sold me.

You may wonder why I haven't been posting. It's not so much that I've been busy, but I really didn't want to scare people away with the venom I have at the ready for UPS. I have not received my Nike+ sportband yet.

I called Nike today and they told me orders were processed in the order they were received and it looked like I was in the second product shipment because too many people pre-ordered them. Hmm, no email to notify me that my product was not shipping when stated as they didn't even have it yet, but still. Nike pretty much told me the tracking was now in UPS's hands.

So my Sportband is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Pay no attention to the location on the UPS tracking site, little girl, you know the one that says it's STILL IN TENNESSEE. It's got to be at least in Nevada by now. Maybe even California. Maybe it's hanging out at the truck stop in Barstow, with the train cars, food court and crappy CA souvenirs. That must be it.

Or maybe it's laying out by the pool in Las Vegas. Wants to get a tan before it gets to sunny Southern California. Needless to say, I won't be using UPS ground anytime soon.


Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

Maybe it got stolen at the UPS location. At Christmas, my presents get to the Doraville, GA UPS and never get further. It is lovely...

I agree with the "motivate" me threads on the WeWa. If I see another thread about I'm bored of chicken, I think I will scream. Open a cookbook, people!

WTG on continuing.

Your dedication at the moment > than mine (that's a greater than sign...hahahaha)

Tammy said...

OK, much as I want to, I can't join in the slamming of UPS... my brother works for them.

I was considering the Nike+, but then I found out that you can share workouts with the new Garmin 405. Think I'll hold out.

Oh, and your dedication at the moment is also much, much > than mine!

Running Knitter said...

Races motivate me too. Hopefully you get your sportband soon.

Teresa said...

Hey Yas - I think you should come to Philly in November and run the marathon with me!! :D

Please don't hold back - feel free to let the venom flow free. We all have it even if some people don't acknowledge it in public. It's healthy and freeing to let it out.

I thought you had the Garmin 305? What does the sport band do for you that Garmy can't? (Asking since I have the 305 as well.)

I agree with the WW crap. People are forever going to look for the easy way out. It's like people asking for motivation to quit smoking. Whatever it is you want to do, the key words are *you* and *want*. Motivation comes from within, yo.

Viv said...

Yaa, on the training ride with the group. Shifting is always fun, it is there to help up.
My first time I stayed in one gear on the large ring and my legs died. I had one of the riders show me the ropes, but I know there is more to learn, and I always knew you did'nt suck. GRRREEEATTT on the 8! Super fast chickie!
I am glad the IT band is being a trooper. WHOOT on being able to do the distance in the pool. Have you tried it with the wetsuit yet? It is such a nice floaty aid. Well, I just read you did on the lake swim.
I really like Pam as a lubircant.
Send Nike & UPS an email and give a piece of the Yas. I totally feel you on the motivation to stay on track with events. AMEN!I am so looking forward to your tri! I really am, I know that must sound crazy but I can relate

Yasmin said...

Teresa, I do have the garmin. I wanted to be one of the cool kids on the nike+ site, but I didn't want to buy a nano.

The sport band came out and I thought, for 60 bucks, I'd try it.
There are some cool challenges and a couple of races (the virtual NW 1/2 marathon and nike's human race 10K) that you can enter.

So we'll see...

Delane said...

LMFAO and causing a fat quake..."Um, unless I have a cattle prod and am yelling "Eat salad or feel the rod of truth", I'm pretty sure I can't motivate you to eat correctly or exercise, you have to do it."

Races motivate me too.