Back on Track... For Now

I did do my 4.5(+) today. Why the +? Well, Yas was having some left shoe issues. The beginning of the run was start/stop as she was trying to adjust her shoe. She ran about .1-.2 miles with Mr. Garmin off. More calories for me to eat, and did I ever eat them.

I focused on pace for this run. I was planning on doing intervals, but I had forgotten to take my daily use inhaler that morning (Yes I've had asthma for as long as I can remember. I've always had a rescue inhaler, but I just got a daily inhaler last week and I'm not in the groove of remembering to take it) and I was having trouble getting into a stride.

Everything finally came together around 1.5-2 miles. I wasn't in any shape to even think about intervals, and who cares when you get your mileage completed. I think I'm going to add another short run into my schedule, just to focus on speed intervals, maybe 2 miles?
Here are my splits:
Mile 1: 12:38
(I forgot to start my lap when I started to run, so this includes some warm up walking.)
Mile 2: 11:11
Mile 3: 11:22
Mile 4: 11:30
Mile 4.5: 5:48

As for my Tri training, I've been letting the cycling slide. I'll need to jump back in that saddle sometime soon.

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Viv said...

Sweet miles, and great pace. Sometimes, it is so difficult to fit in all that training...Do you access to a spin class? That is always good for a cycling block.