I Can Do It!!

I swam 500 yards today, in 16 min, 09 sec and 40 somethings that must be hundredths of a second. So basically 16 min 10 sec. It wasn't completely continuous and I had to tread water or touched the ground accidentally (our community pool has 2 deep ends with the shallow end in the middle of the pool).

I was excited. This means I can swim the whole Danskin distance! Or so I thought. I was ~87 yards short. I think I have it covered, though, as I will be in a wetsuit and I did swim about 700 yards in skills and drills before my "time trial". I'll just make it all up in the running...

Here are some random musings:

I no longer have to reapply my lip balm during a 4 mile run. I don't think I had to do it during my 8 mile run. My breathing has apparently slowed down enough not to chap my lips. Whoo hoo for health.

I'm a size 6 in most brands. I've never been a size 6 since I can remember, unless you count shoes. A 16 yes, but not a 6.

Henry's my grocery store of choice, has let me down twice in one week. First there were no fat free refried beans, organic or not. Then there was no whole wheat couscous. Apparently they can do a special order for me, but I don't know how many cans or boxes I'll have to buy. I don't need to be able to build a fort out of couscous boxes and refried bean cans, but if I did, it would be da bomb. (yes I just typed "da bomb")

I'm looking for organic fuel and recovery products. I know Luna Sport has some, and they are marketed/made for women, so they've got less sugar, but I was wondering if there were any other ones out there. I may need to do some research and dedicate a post just to it.

Along the same fuel and recovery product lines, simple sugars like Luna Moons vs complex sugars like Hammer Gel. I know it's what tastes good and how it makes you feel, but if I can easily digest either product, which gives me better performance.

That's all I got for today. I'm probably off to bed. I should be getting my Nike+ Sportband sometime this week. I am ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum on the We Wa Chubby Chat challenge. And I'm all out of bubble gum.

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Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

Awesome! You are doing great!
I'm so jealous of the size 6s.

But even at a healthy weight, they probably wouldn't fit because of my height. I'll find out sooner or later.