8 is Grrreat!!

Yes, I just channeled Tony the Tiger. I made my goal of 20.5 miles for this week. It was a big goal. Probably more than my Triathlon training would have wanted, but I did it. I wanted to get back on a consistent running schedule.
Due to my rescheduled run from Sunday to Monday, this week's goal of 12.5 miles ballooned into 20.5. My Tri coach told me I should be doing one medium length run and my long run, replacing the other medium length with cycling. She also told me to get rid of the short run, which is listed on the plan as short run or cross. I've been following this advice, but I might reintroduce my short run and swim after it. I want to work on speed or hills and I think the shorter runs would be great to use for interval work.
On to my run. I saw a snake and a vulture. The vulture sighting was on the last half of mile 8. I thought it might be a sign. I walked about 5-8 minutes of the run, a minute or two around mile 4 when I downed my Acclerade, the rest of my walking was on mile 8 when my right thigh area started to hurt. It wasn't just my IT Band this time, so I felt a bit better. Here are my splits:
Mile 1: 10:14
Mile 2: 11:01
Mile 3: ~11:06
Mile 4: 11:49
Mile 5: 12:13
Mile 6: 12:09
Mile 7: 12:19
Mile 8: 13:06
I had technical issues during Mile 3 whilst at my personal aid station, I pushed the lap button on my Garmin. Well I bumped it against the wall of my cooler when I grabbed my propel.
All in all the run was good. I was watching my HR, maybe I should have kept it a bit lower in the beginning. I don't think that would have stopped my right leg pain issues, but maybe.


Al's Cooking Light Reviews said...

I would have quit as soon as I saw the snake! I'm terrified of those things!

Pokey said...

NICE splits!!!

I LOOOOOVE Tony the Tiger! :P