I may need to do some rescheduling. Apparently I can not do a track work out the day after I take a body pump class. I'm hoping I can do an easy recovery run after a body pump class. I made it through 1 mile at 12:00 pace, 1/2 mile at 10:10, then started trading a 12-11:00 pace and walking every 1/4 mile or so.

Really my legs were that shot. I'm taking tomorrow off. I may lift some weights or do some ab work, but no lower body work, unless it's cycling. Maybe I'm just not going to do any weight bearing lower body work. I need to work out these legs so they don't freeze up.

On a slightly less related note, I may have found the cause of my toe numbing whilst running. Last weekend I was talking to Kell, one of my WeWa friends who'd come down from NorCal for a nice visit with some other WeWa'ers. I got to talking about my numbing toes with her, she's an Ironmate, the spouse/signification other of an Ironman. She starts asking about my shoes. How old are they? Did you have this problem in your previous pairs? etc.

The second question got me thinking. I didn't have this problem while training for my 1/2 running in the New Balance 1223s. I didn't have this problem, that I can remember, while training in my Saucony Hurricanes. She mentions that her husband tried out the new version of a shoe that he loved and it was horrible. The upgrade didn't work for his foot, even though it says it's designed to help you like the obsoleted version, just better.

So for the past couple of workouts, I've switched back to my (mostly) dead Hurricanes. Now I've only run about 5 miles in the Hurricanes (the run today and Body Pump), but I could still feel my toes at the end. I know I ran/walked but I'm wondering if my problem is the shoes!

I bet you smart people out there were yelling at me to check out my shoes, but man, they were supposed to be interchangeable with the old shoe. My "perfect" shoe. I never thought my NB would betray me.

I'm doing a trail run on Sunday, 5-6 miles (I need 6, but this is a hilly 5. In fact I've changed my mind from the post on Monday when I was doing the OC tri's run course. Now we're going back to Devil's Crotch.) I'll report back on my Hurricanes-numb toes issue. I know you're all on the edge of your seats.


Viv said...

Have a nice weekend with the trail run!

I am going through sumfin with my new model of my shoes they run on my heal never had a prob with the older model..I am hoping to break them in or they are outta here, back to the store.

AKA Alice said...

OH NO...don't tell me that you are trying the NB1224s and they are hurting your toes. I had a hell of a time with the Saucony Hurricanes newest shoe and almost broke my foot, then I switched to NB. I still have some miles left on my 1223's. I don't wanna hear that anyone's having trouble with the 1224's cuz that's where I'm going next. GAAAAHHH!!!

(BTW...my word verification word was nipsi, sorta like tipsi, ...that made me laugh, so did Devil's Crotch...can't wait to hear about it...hahahaha).

AKA Alice said...
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Al's CL Reviews said...

I had the problem with NB. I don't like the 817s nearly as much as 816s.

Tammy said...

My BFF is having an issue with the new version of the Asics Kayano, rubbing on her ankle. She's actually taking a break as a result.

Sorry to hear about your shoe woes.